Aqua BFS

This fun class is right for you if you are looking to improve your balance (B) and flexibility (F) while connecting socially (S). An added bonus is a good night's sleep. Simple provided equipment is used for additional muscle conditioning.


A safe, fun invigorating class. Ideal for all fitness levels. A great cardio-class.  Resistance equipment is used but not required.








A specialty class that uses a patented system that tones muscles, builds strength, reduces fat, enhances cardiovascular fitness, and increases flexibility and coordination. A very intense class that offers maximum benefits in a short amount of time. AquaLogix is a part of o

ur premium program. Premium classes require specialty training and eqwuipment of are exclusive to FitClub. To participate in AquaLogix purchase a Premium Program 

Session package or a Premium Membership.


An exhilarating workout that offers a high intensity cardio workout and toning using various class formats.

Aqua Zumba







The music, the moves, the Latin rhythms, just like a Zumba class but in the water! It's a pool party! Bring some friends and have fun!


Cuffed & Buffed

A terrific resistance class that will increase your strength and muscle definition. You may purchase your own cuffs at the front desk or you may participate without using cuffs.








A low intensity water workout designed specifically for those recovering from injuries or surgery, older adults, overweight individuals, pre/post natal women and those with physical limitations such as arthritis, bursitis, osteoporosis, and back problems. Instructions are given throughout the class.








A slightly higher intensity class than Hydroflex. Some mild rebounding is included but not required, alternative moves are offered, instructions are given throughout the class.

HydroMotion Plus







Muscle endurance is a "plus" when you take your basic cardio workout to water, and this class is all movement all the time! Consecutive classes may include additional muscle conditioning.

Resistance 1

Perfect for those wanting to add a little resistance training to their weekly regimen. This class uses the properties of water along with resistance equipment to make your body stronger.


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