One-on-one Personal Training

Our one-on-one personal training is ideal for those seeking high levels of personal attention and accountability, uniquely varied workout routines designed to accomplish your specific goals, and the best results in the least amount of time possible. Our NASM-certified trainers work directly with you to develop and implement a functional training and nutritional program to ensure that you reach your goals in a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment. Our trainers use the four pillars of fitness to ensure that you achieve your goals in the shortest possible timeframe, and use our dotFIT website to help monitor your progress and hold you accountable in ways never before possible.

Our trainers receive extensive continuing education to stay up-to-date on the most successful fitness trends, and incorporate a number of fun, functional exercises that are designed to provide you with amazing results. No matter what your goals, our personal trainers can help you reach and exceed them faster than you ever thought possible! For more information, please talk to one of our NASM-Certified personal trainers or a membership coordinator at a FitClub location near you.

Meet Our FitPros


jacalyn debrun webJacalyn DeBrun

Level 2 WITS CPT, CPR/AED, Dotfit Nutrition, 
NASM Foundations


Jacalyn DeBrun (FitClub South)

Jacalyn has been working out for over 40 years and decided to pursue a career in fitness and personal training, doing what she loves. Jacalyn is a level 2 W.I.T.S. Certified trainer, has a long history of running, including long distance, and a passion for health and fitness. Jacalyn would like to extend that passion to include working with older adults and people with disabilities.




landon delaporte webLandon DeLaPorte

NASM Foundations, Dotfit Nutrition/Exerspy CPR/AED


Landon DeLaPorte (FitClub South)

I am NASM Foundations and dotFit Nutrition Certified. I have served six years in the military, four years in the US Army, and currently two years in the National Guard (where I am still serving). The military has led me to a passion in fitness, one of things I love the most about it. Leading soldiers in team training exercises and helping soldiers individually become more proficient in their job is something I take pride in. It has led me to where I am now. I started out a scrawny 135lb teenager and now I stand a lean 220lbs and compete in bodybuilding. I am truly excited to be a part of the Fitclub Training Team, and to be given the opportunity to help more people reach their fitness goals. I have a background in bodybuilding, powerlifting, marathon running, and functional fitness. Currently, I am pursuing a BS in Computer Science at University of Illinois Springfield.

I am excited to help make your goals a reality!


lexi eitel webLexi Eitel

Dotfit Nutrition


Lexi Eitel (FitClub South)

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and dotFit Nutrition Certified, and will begin Nursing school in the fall of 2018. My interest in fitness began nearly 5 years ago when I was 15, after living an unhealthy lifestyle my entire childhood. One day I decided I not only wanted, but needed a change in my life. I lost 50 pounds, but I gained a love and passion for fitness and made it my mission to help others change their lives too. I have a passion for lifting, specifically powerlifting. However, I believe every aspect of fitness is important and should be implemented at some point in your fitness journey. Strength is something I encourage to everyone at any fitness level because it comes from within and it challenges your mind and body. Your mind gives up long before your body does, so it’s ultimately up to you to overcome doubt and find your strength from within to push yourself. I am here to take the guess work out of an already difficult process, to keep you motivated and accountable, and to ultimately help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. All you have to do is find your strength from within to take the first step.

irin french webIrin French
NASM Foundations, Dotfit Nutrition/Exerspy CPR/AED


Irin French (FitClub South) I am a lifelong Track and Field athlete, a wrestler, and a football player. I am currently certified in NASM foundations, CPR, AED, and DotFit nutrition. I am a determined and a highly passionate partner for those who have made the decision to change their life for the better. Are you seeking to regain control of your health? How about building a physical, mental, and emotional stronger version of yourself. If you would like to find the motivation and passion for improvement that makes going to the gym a fun, enjoyable and addictive experience. I would love the opportunity to work with you and help you reclaim the self-discipline, confidence, and empowerment to change your life forever.

Thank you for considering me as your personal fitness coach.





josh gabriel webJosh Gabriel

Dotfit Nutrition, CPR/AED, 
NASM Foundations


Josh Gabriel (FitClub West)  

Hello! My name is Josh Gabriel and I am a personal trainer at FitClub West and I am happy to be here! I have been playing sports my whole life starting out in pre-k, and I still love to play sports like rec-league basketball and adult softball. I have played football, basketball, baseball, track and a little soccer and motocross as well. Lifting weights and working out have been a prominent aspect of my life since the 6th grade when I was training to be the best athlete I could be. Lifting continued to follow me into high school and even after high school. I have been a member of FitClub since April of 2016 and I have continued my love for fitness here. I am currently attending Lincoln Land Community College here in Springfield as a psychology major and business minor. I am here to help you get to where you want to be at in your life! As a trainer, I get to mix helping people with my love and passion, fitness and working out. It would be my pleasure to help you get started on your fitness goals.



maria kaminski webMaria Kaminski
BS Medical Technology

CPR/AED instructor, WITS CPFT


Maria Kaminski, RN (FitClub South and West) It is well known that proper nutrition and regular exercise have a direct effect on health, wellness and overall quality of life.  There are reports that learning based and aerobic exercises can be neuroprotective for aging individuals and for those with neurodegenerative disease including Parkinson’s.  As your fitness trainer, I facilitate sessions that offer exercises designed to challenge cardiopulmonary system as well as promote good posture, biomechanical, core strengthening and flexibility.



michael kelley webMichael Kelley
BS Psychology

ACSM CPT, Dotfit Nutrition, CPR/AED


Michael Kelley, (FitClub South) 

My name is Michael Kelley and I am a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). My love of the gym and strength training began when my dad introduced me to weights when I was 13. Before I began lifting weights I was as thin as a rail and couldn't do a single push up. However, after my dad installed weights in the basement at my house and after a few lifting sessions in the basement I was hooked for life. I believe that regular exercise, whether or not it is done with weights is very important to living a healthy life. It can greatly improve your ability to move, which as a result will make it easier to perform everyday actions such as doing chores around the house or playing with your kids and pets. Best of all, by exercising regularly you just feel better mentally. No matter what your goals are, and no matter if it is your first time in the gym or you have been coming to the gym regularly for many years, you should never be satisfied with what you are doing and should be striving to get better every time you come through those gym doors. Small short term goals such as adding an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill or bike or doing one more rep in an exercise you did last week can go far when it comes to reaching a long term goal.

Outside of the gym I am an avid baseball fan and love the Chicago White Sox. A former cross country and track runner at Sacred Heart Griffin High School, I was fortunate enough to have run in and to have finished my first marathon in the fall of 2013, which was also my only marathon because I have now become an avid cyclist. I graduated in the winter of 2016 from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Coaching. Outside of the gym and off of the bike my hobbies and interests include reading, playing wiffleball, and spending time with family and friends. Every January since 2016, I have participated in a medical mission trip to Nicaragua. While in Nicaragua my job is to play various games such as soccer and kickball with the kids at the clinics and I love it! I look forward to helping members at FitClub reach their fitness goals no matter how big or small they may be.



rachael little web2Rachael Little

Levl 2 WITS CPT, CPR/AED, Dotfit Nutrition, 
NASM Foundations


Rachael Little (FitClub West) Playing sports all my life, I was always very active, which eventually led me in the direction of discovering a real passion for health and fitness. About three years ago, after hitting the gym for the first time since high school sports (and three years after much more than the "freshman fifteen" of college came into play), I decided it was time for a lifestyle change. I began teaching myself as much as I could before deciding to take my knowledge further - I earned a level two W.I.T.S. Personal Training certification. I look forward to not only teaching others the importance of their own personal health, but to also show them how rewarding the field of fitness can really be when you put in the hard work and determination.


adam marth web
Adam Martin
BS Kinesiology
Dotfit Nutrition/Exerspy CPR/AED, NSCA - CPT


Adam Martin (FitClub West)                                                                             

max maxeiner webLavearl (Max) Maxeiner
MS Psychology
BS Physical Education
Dotfit Nutrition
NASM Senior Fitness Speicalist


LaVerarl "Max" Maxeiner (FitClub South) I am the Senior Fitness Specialist at FitClub.  I am a graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education.  I also earned his Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology at Northern Illinois University.  I was a successful coach and instructor at the high school and university level for 34 years.  I came to FitClub in 2002 and managed FitClub West for 5 years.  I am a NASM Certified Trainer and have successfully trained over 200 clients to date.


caitlin mccarthy webCaitlin McCarthy
BS Physical Education
NASM CPT, CPR/AED, NESTA CPT, NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach, Kickboxing Fitness Trainer, Spencer Institute Sports Psychology Coach, and NFPT Plyometric Trainer


Caitlin McCarthy (FitClub South) I have been a certified personal trainer for the past five years. In 2009, I graduated from Illinois College with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, and a minor in health. I am currently working toward my dotFIT and my NASM CPT certifications. Continuing education is the key to being a successful personal trainer.
     I have always been a very active individual. I grew up playing softball, basketball, volleyball and soccer. I was a member of the college basketball team. Approximately one year ago, I had major hip surgery. This opened my eyes to the importance of flexibility, muscular strength, core balance, and cardiovascular endurance.
     I love helping clients train for running events. I have trained with individuals ranging from age 11 to 83 years old. I have trained individuals who play softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track. I have guided a client to lose 108lbs, which was very rewarding for both of us. I always stress the importance of daily water intake, and proper nutrition. If you don’t put the right fuel in your body, you will not see the results you’re looking for. It’s the coolest feeling to watch a client grow. Whether it’s losing inches/weight, or lifting more weight than you ever imagined you could do, I would love to help you accomplish your goals.

molly mcintyre webMolly McIntyre
AS Biology
Dotfit Nutrition/Exerspy CPR/AED, NASM Foundations


Molly McIntyre (FitClub South) From a young age I have always been very involved with athletics. Whether I was playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, or softball, there was always something to keep me moving. I have always been very motivated to be the best at everything I do, which prompted me to want to learn as much as I could about how the body worked. In high school this became more prevalent as I began to take gymnastics and was a cheerleader for my high school, It wasn't until after graduation that I began to realize how important my nutrition was as well. I began reading everything I could get my hands on that had anything to do with fitness, which leads to me deciding that personal training seemed to be my best career path. I am currently certified through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, but I am expanding my knowledge every day. I absolutely love having the opportunity to apply my skill set and making exercise enjoyable for all of my clients.


aaron overby webAaron Overby
AS Accounting


Aaron Overby (FitClub South) My name is Aaron Overby. I am a 23 year old Springfield native and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with approximately 5 years of resistance training experience. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or both, my personalized exercise routines are tailored to your wants and need to help you reach your fitness goals. Stop by the South location to schedule a complimentary training session with myself whenever you're ready!


dalton pruitt webDalton Puritt
BS Computer Science
ACE Certified, CPR/AED


Dalton Pruitt (FitClub North) I am an ACE certified personal trainer and Functional Patterns Level 1 Practitioner, specializing in postural correction and pain management and prevention. After overcoming a debilitating back injury of 12 years, my passion in training is to help people overcome the stress and pain they experience on a daily basis using Functional Patterns methodology. If you suffer from any kind of pain or discomfort, then I’m sure I can address it! I look forward to helping you live a pain free life!                                                                   



mike purdy webMike Purdy
MS Exercise Physiology
NASM CPT, Dotfit Nutrition/Exerspy CPR/AED


Mike Purdy (FitClub South)  Mike is a NASM certified personal trainer. He has been helping clients reach their fitness goals at FitClub for six years. He graduated summa cum laude from Millikin University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science Fitness and Sport. At Millikin, he interned with the track and field team where he designed and implemented the strength-training program for sprinters and jumpers. He is currently working toward his master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.



amanda warner webAmanda Warner
MS Exercise Science,
BS Kinesiology/Sports Health


Amanda Warner (FitClub South)  Amanda attended Lindenwood University  (St. Charles, MO) where she studied sports sciences and played collegiate softball. She was an Academic All American and a member of the Dean's List. Graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology & Sports Health in 2007, Amanda then continued her education at Eastern Illinois University. In 2008 she graduated with her Master's in Exercise Science; special focus on cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Focusing on cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation not only allowed her to work with those in a physical rehabilitation environment, but also allowed her to educate on the importance of Nutrition. She then led a pre-diabetic education, exercise class and support group at Sarah Bush - Lincoln Hospital. After graduation she landed in Springfield where she met her husband and became the Director of the Senior Nutrition program for Logan and Mason Counties. In 2014, she decided to make a career change that led to her position here at FitClub. Amanda's passion does not end at fitness alone, but instead encompasses physical, mental and spiritual wellness. She focuses on a whole food based nutrition program. In September of 2014, Amanda had her first baby, she now has an even greater understanding and passion for the importance & impact of health; not only for one self but, for families as a whole.


tyler wright webTyler Wright
BS Exercise Science
Dotfit Nutrition/Exerspy CPR/AED, 


Tyler Wright (FitClub South and North)  My name is Tyler Wright and I have been personal training for the last 3 years. I started expanding my knowledge for fitness from a very young age in grade school and have not stopped since. I have participated in sports such as football, baseball, wrestling, track, and boxing. Through playing many different sports and studying different exercise modalities, I have over the years grown to be a very fitness minded individual. I have a rigorous passion for helping people and am eager to help anyone who is wanting to get in shape and get serious about their health.



louise yale webLouise Yale
BS Wellness
Dotfit Nutrition/Exerspy CPR/AED, 


Louise Yale (FitClub South)  From the beginning, I have always loved being active and playing sports. I grew up on a farm where I was constantly climbing trees, making forts, playing and helping with animals each day. As I grew more and more, so did my passion for sports and staying physically fit. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball from elementary all they way through high school. I continued my sporting career by playing volleyball and softball all four years at Waldorf College where I also earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Wellness in 2008. After graduation, I worked as a lab technician and eventually helped to develop a company worksite wellness program for employees. Wanting to continue helping individuals become healthier and more active, the road essentially led to FitClub. Since joining the FitClub team in December of 2013, I have continued my education and have achieved my NASM CPT and dotFIT Nutrition certifications. I am also currently working towards my Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Wellness from Benedictine University where I will graduate in May of 2015. I enjoy working with all individuals of any age, size, or limitation. There is always a goal to be achieved and I am here to help you along with the encouragement and support needed to succeed!


van logan wirth webLogan Van Wirth
BS Writing and Publishing
Dotfit Nutrition/Exerspy CPR/AED, 
CrossFit Level 1, CCNT


Logan Van Wirth (FitClub West)  Logan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Black Belt, and a pretty cool dude. He once described himself as a lazy fat kid. Now, his life’s mission is to help people overcome their own struggles and feel the fulfillment that he has achieved through living a fit lifestyle.


john zumstein web
John Zumstein
BS Psychology/Biology
Dotfit Nutrition/Exerspy CPR/AED, 
CrossFit Level 1


John Zumstein (FitClub West)  I love working with clients who like a challenge and can be accountable, but so  does everyone. Realistically I would love to train individuals with a goal in mind: marathons, Spartan races, etc.  I can help you reach whatever goal you set for yourself.







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