Group Exercise Videos

 A muscle conditioning class consisting of balance and strength exercises performed in a variety of positions on large xerballs. Exercises with hand weights, barbells, medicine balls and resistance tubing may be incorporated with work on the large xerballs. Class may include sitting, balancing and lying on xerballs, lying on the floor and standing while holding and moving xerballs.

A High Intensity cardiovascular workout designed for exercisers who desire a challenge. This free form unchoreographed class may include drills, calisthenics, and exercises derived from military training, sports conditioning, kick boxing and other specialized training systems. Classes vary depending on instructor expertise.

Never the same workout twice! Enjoy a variety of cardio work in one class!

A high energy, high intensity cardiovascular class utilizing specialized Keiser stationary bikes. Cyclefit bikes are fully adjustable to fit individual body styles and use a weighted flywheel and tension lever to increase or decrease cycling intensity. Trained cycling instructors will guide members through a sequence of cycling with varying speeds, gear levels and durations. Hill climbing, spinning, sprinting, standing and seated cycling will be used for maximum benefit.

Enjoy a fun cardio class using the latest dance moves!  Burn calories and move your body!

The original Pilates matwork routine is followed to tone, strengthen and lengthen the body. The body’s core or “powerhouse” is focused on with a series of slow, controlled exercises involving concentrated muscle contraction. Exercises require some lying on the floor on both back and abdomen, sitting on the floor and standing as well. Exercise mats are suggested but not required and are not provided.

R.I.P.P.E.D Resistance – Interval – Power – Pliometrics – Endurance – Diet. This incredible program covers it all – the ultimate workout for results! Bring Xertube, water & energy!

Move to music with exercises to increase muscular strength, range of movement & skills for daily living.  Handweights, handled tubing & balls are used for resistance. Chairs are used for seated/standing support.


A cardiovascular class that includes muscle work through the use of resistance training coordinated with stepping sequences. The upper body is worked with hand weights, body bars, and exercise tubing while simultaneously working the lower body through stepping sequences performed at safe speeds. Proper range of motion is emphasized for quality of movement.

Intense kickboxing moves with dance choreography mixed in set to motivating music. High energy cardio intervals make it a calorie blasting full body challenge!

Experience the Latin dance craze set to incredible music. Learn the steps in an easy to follow format. Many internatiional dance moves used to burn calories and have fun! Ditch the workout – Join the Party!

Shake it! Rock it! Tone it! Serious muscle sculpting for party animals using light weight Zumba shaking sticks!

Functional, Integrated Training & cardio conditioning combines explosive moves with strength, agility, & balance.

The abdominal muscles are targeted with a range of exercises that may include use of medicine balls, xerballs, body weight, and pilates inspired movements. Class may include sitting on the floor or large xerballs and lying on the floor.

Class consists of range of motion exercises performed seated in chairs with the goal of improving mobility and joint health. Light handweights may be used for some muscle conditioning exercises but are not required.

A class providing safe standing range of motion exercises in an uplifting, supportive social atmosphere. Participants must have the ability to stand and keep balance while moving through a slow paced series of exercises involving foot movement and optional arm movements.

A group weightlifting and resistance training class consisting of exercises that condition all the major muscle groups in a format focusing on safety, alignment and results. A variety of resistance equipment may be used including adjustable weight barbells, hand weights and resistance tubing.

Move the body thru a series of seated & standing yoga poses. Chair support is offered to safely perform poses designed to increase flexibility, balance & range of motion. Breathing & relaxation decrease stress & increase mental clarity.

Participants step onto an adjustable height platform to perform a variety of exercise sequences learned throughout class. Cardiovascular intensity level can be adjusted by changing the height of the step or by the addition of optional power movements. Impact level is based on participant preference and can range from low to moderate to high. Coordinated arm movements may also be offered to work the upper body while engaging in the stepping sequences.

Team Gravity Strength training is a complete muscle conditioning workout set to great music, customized to you. Gravity Pilates is a series of pilates exercises performed on the Gravity machine to increase core strength & improve flexibility

Improve muscle strength, elasticity & tone. Increase balance, coordination,range of motion & flexibility with traditional yoga poses. Relaxation & meditation complete the practice.

The perfect Zumba class designed for the active older adult.  It will also prepare beginner Zumba participants who want to join the fitness-party for the first time.