Success Stories

Dan's Amazing Transformation

dans stroy

FitClub member, Dan, has had an amazing weight loss transformation of over 100 lbs. in 13 months. He is energized and eager to share his story in hopes of inspiring others to join FitClub and enjoy the positive impact of diet and exercise.

Laura Lost 100 Pounds!

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We are proud of the success Laura has been able to achieve at FitClub. She has lost 100 lbs and she is still going.

FitClub Dynamic Training

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See what our members are saying about FitClub's revolutionary Dynamic Training program! Dynamic Training is now available at ALL FitClub locations. Every member has the chance to try this amazing program for 30 days absolutely free!

Eivy's Story

Eivy's Story

Eivy lost over 90 pounds working with a trainer at FitClub!


Taylor Blakely

Through working with a FitClub professional trainer, Taylor Blakely was able to defy the odds and walk again. Now he is running, lifting weights, and one day hopes to be a personal trainer! Watch this News Channel 20 special report to hear his amazing story.