Complimentary Childcare


FitClub is proud to offer our members free childcare services while they work out. Our childcare goes beyond simple babysitting. Our friendly staff will keep your children engaged and having a ball during their time in the Kids' Clubhouse. At the Kids' Clubhouse, your children can engage in arts and crafts, play with some of their favorite toys, run around and be active during one of our structured play times, express themselves creatively through free-writing, and get help with their homework from our friendly staff! Our goal is to make the Kids' Clubhouse such a fun place to be that your children actually encourage you to come work out so they can be here!

FitClub’s childcare services are available exclusively for member’s children. We have fun, educational, and active programming for kids from two months of age up to twelve years! Only parents or legal guardians may bring their children into the Clubhouse. Occupancy limits have been set by the Fire Department and must be followed for safety purposes.

Helpful hints to make your child’s visit fun and your workout enjoyable and worry-free:

  • Parents must sign a liability waiver for each child.
  • Parents must sign each child in and out.
  • Each child may stay in the Clubhouse for 2 hours only.
  • Make sure children have eaten before coming to the facility.
  • Please label all items brought into the Clubhouse with your name and phone number.
  • More information is available in the childcare handbook, which is located in the Clubhouse.

Please see our location pages for clubhouse hours: South, West, and North.